Sunday, June 17, 2012

The things my Pa taught me....

Happy Father's Day to the best "Pa" a girl could ever have.

Things my Pa taught me.....
  • My love of football, most importantly how to throw a perfect spiral.  (Something that my sister never figured out, she still throws like a girl!)
  • How to change a tire (No daughter of his should be without simple auto mechanic techniques. (Don't think Bec figured that out either!) I could also tune the points in a Honda Accord but I don't think that cars nowadays have those.)
  • That taking a short nap during the Evening News is a must. (not that I ever get that one accomplished)
  • That cooked carrots are HORRIBLE.
  • That camping was actually a really fun time.  Even though as teenage girls, we thought it was the worst thing EVER!
  • How to gut a fish.  Which came in handy when filleting and freezing over 500 lbs of halibut that one summer in Ketchikan.
  • How to woodwork.  (Most of the electric tools in our garage are MINE!)
  • That family is the most important thing. 
I am so lucky that my children have my dad as his Papa.  They are so lucky as am I.   Happy Father's Day Dad.  I love you.  Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks.

Dad with Bec, Missy (the doxie) and me when we were little.  Circa 1969 ish?

Bec, Dad and I at the Seahawks/49ers game.  Christmas Eve 2011

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