Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Solar Lights at Night

I posted earlier today about my first Pinterest inspired project that I have completed.  It is these cute little solor lights made out of mason jars.  Now that it is finally dark outside, I could take a picture of the true purpose for my project.


July Hip 2 B Square Layouts

Here are my layouts that I did with the Hip 2 B Square July Kit.  It is with great sadness that I report that my friend Kimberly, the owner of Hip 2B Square is closing down her retail store in Snoqualmie.  I am really sad since it is my escape here on the ridge to do some creative crafting with some really good friends.  Now the friends and crafting aren't going anywhere, but my home away home is.  The good news is that Kimberly is still doing the online store and the kit club. 

It's hard to believe that school starts in 6 days and that Cameron is going to be in 1st grade.  Not only that, Sami is starting preschool this year too for three mornings.

Enjoy this months layouts.


I love to just take pics of the kids while they are being goofy and see what I can get.  I love the facial expressions that Sami gives.  She can tell a whole story without even saying a word.


 We have a play structure in our lower yard that we got for the kids this summer.  One of Sami's favorite things to do in the play house part is to have a "Micmic"  I was waiting for her to join me as I took this pic of her climbing the stairs.


This is evidence of the wacky way that I scrapbook.  There is no rhyme or reason or order to it.  I just scrap pics according to what the paper tells me.  Yes, I am a PAPER WISPERER!  YES, I am!!!!


Just some random shots that I took of the kiddos while we were in Idaho this summer.  They are just growing up way too fast. 

I am addicted to Pinterest

My good friends Keli Jones and Kris LeRoss got me hooked on  It is really something that is so very cool and such a time suck.  I know that I spend way more time on Pinterest looking at cool things that I can make and do then I actually do make those things.  My sister found these really cool Solar Lamps made out of mason jars and promptly made hers.  I just now officially finished my "first" Pinterest project.   Woo Hoo!!!!   

Here is the inspiration picture and link from Pinterest.

And here is my finished project.

They were extremely easy to make.  I just had to find the jars, some cheap garden solar lights (got some $2 ones at Wally World), some Glass Frosting Spray Paint and a little raffia.  The inspiration piece used an adhesive glue to attach the solar lights to the lid but I just dug into my trusty scrapbook supplies and used my Terrific Tacky Tape and it worked like a charm. 

Now I just need to take a picture this evening when the sun goes down to see the real effect.  I will post a pic later.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

June Hip Kit Club Layouts

I have been having a hard time trying to find time to scrap this summer.  Between summer school, summer camps, company and two trips (Idaho and Oregon Coast), not much creativity has been occuring.  I just finished my June Kit layouts.  Just in time too, since I just picked up my July Kit and it is now staring at me, ready to play.  

I really liked the Orange and Teal color combinations in this kit.  I haven't used any of the pink and flowery papers yet.  I haven't found the right pictures to go with them.


This is from two summer ago when Jack, Vicki and Hailey came to visit Seattle.  Had to take them to the Space Needle.


Bec and Stef visited in July and we took the obligatory grandkid/cousins pics.  Sometimes it's a crap shoot on what we get.  These turned out pretty good.


We just went to the Oregon Coast last week and this pics are so cute and were calling to be scrapped right away.  They went right along with the "A Day at the Beach" Diecut.


Playing in the sprinklers at Aunt Angies.